Ryan Casey - Designer, Writer
Rachel Dziezynski - Music, SFX
Ryan Kahn - Coder
Nina Klymenko - Artist
Alex Thorton-Clark - Coder
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Who do you want to recruit?

This vision brought to you by the letter H
Thanks God!
A Stench of Peasants
A Boquet Pheasants
A Couple of Nobles

What outfit should your army wear?

Oh mighty one I understand
Patriotic French
Maid Outfits
Fabulous Tank Tops
and Booty Shorts
Sturdy Plate Armor
Your wisdom, it astounds me
Low Road
High Road
Yellow Brick Road

Who do you want to augment your military with?

Dananananananananananan ananana anana nana God Man!
Brave French Knights
Fancy French Kites
Bright French Lights

How do you want to discipline your army?

Are you reading this?
Freezing Ice Cream
Painful Flogging
Terrible Twilight

How should you practice diplomacy?

Vision Power!
Seduce the Men
Hide in a Trojan Horse
Bribe them with Ice Cream

How should you attack?

Yep yep yep. Let's get it over with.
Maybe Ice Cream Again?
Defeat their Ignorance
Just go to Sleep


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